Welcome to Miyazaki at Harajuku OnJapan CAFÉ Learning about shochu makes your Miyazaki trip more enjoyable Win a free round-trip flight to Miyazaki! 焼酎がわかれば宮崎県がもっとおもしろい! 抽選で1名様に羽田⇔宮崎往復航空券が当たるチャンスも!


Did you know that Miyazaki Prefecture is currently ranked No. 1 in Japan for shochu shipping volume? This part of Kyushu Island is unique because premium shochu produced in Miyazaki is made from a variety of ingredients such as sweet potato (imo), barley (mugi), rice (kome), and buckwheat (soba). Naturally, the more you know about shochu’s diverse flavors, the more you can enjoy traveling in Miyazaki!!
Come to OnJapan Café and learn about Miyazaki Prefecture’s premium shochu by tasting some of its most famous brands. In addition to tourism information, shochu expert, Mr. Christopher Pellegrini, will explain the characteristics of shochu made in Miyazaki Prefecture and recommend ways to enjoy it. Shochu from two of Miyazaki’s most famous distilleries, Unkai Shuzo and Takachiho Shuzo, will be provided. There will also be guests from Miyazaki Prefecture’s Tokyo Office and Takachiho Shuzo at the event, so please drink and talk with them, and collect insider information for your future trip to Miyazaki.

The highlight of the event is a drawing for a round-trip ticket for one person to Miyazaki, which is sponsored by Solaseed Air. Everyone at the event has a chance to win!!
Wintery weather is here, but sunny Miyazaki is waiting for you at OnJapan CAFÉ!!

■LIMITED TO: 60 people (First-come, first-served basis. Please register via OnJapan CAFÉ website. )
■CHARGE: 2,000 yen, tax incl. (food and drinks included)
■Hosted by: Miyazaki Prefecture, OnJapan Inc.
■Supported by: Solaseed Air Inc., Unkai Shuzo Co., Ltd., Takachiho Shuzo Co., Ltd.


日に日に風が冷たく感じられるこの季節、「日本のひなた宮崎県」が原宿・OnJapan CAFÉで皆さんをお待ちしています!!

■ 言語:   日本語&英語
■ 定員:  60名様(先着順)
■ 参加費: お一人様2,000円(税込。おつまみ・お飲み物つき)
■協賛: (株)ソラシドエア、雲海酒造(株)、高千穂酒造(株)

Sat Nov 19, 2016
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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OnJapanCAFE 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-8-1
参加費 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
Venue Address
東京都渋谷区神宮前6-8-1 Japan